An Interview with Ryah Dekis, Trainer in Residence


What inspired you to create Nectar and Nurture Yoga?

I am a passionate yogi and I learn by doing, being, messing up, and  all of my experiences. I have been through significant ups and downs and highs and lows. Yoga and Ayurveda have kept me whole and are a consistent practice in my life. Even if the “practice” or “act” was different depending on what I needed/craved/capable of, the authentic threads were always there so thus created a beautiful collective of a tapestry – Nectar & Nurture Yoga.

My passion is for Prenatal Yoga and being accessible to all mommas-to-be. Sometimes it’s the yoga class that is for mommas only that offer a slice of connection to herself, her growing baby, and presence.

During my pregnancies, I took many prenatal yoga classes and further taught many yoga classes. I found a mixed experience-many yoga classes we too cautious, dry and redundant, and not very welcoming or momma community building. I found some that were therapeutic, welcoming, and wonderful. I wanted to create a Prenatal Yoga Teacher training that encompassed thoughtful asana, spirited mindfulness, an ultimate homage to momma, while creating deep connections. I want to help One Love Prenatal yoga teachers educate, advocate, and bliss out their Prenatal Yoga Students.

Why did you become a Doula?

I actually had a non official doula at the birth of my daughter, a long time trusted and knowledgeable friend who really made the experience special.

Teaching prenatal yoga for over a decade, I noticed prenatal yoga students in my classes where generally nervous and stressed, misinformed, and not given important information. Going into their health care providers offices and  being told what to do, not asked about what they need or not given all the options for their experience. I wanted to create a safe, sacred space, I wanted to be knowledgeable prenatal teacher that was able to help mommas: by giving her more truthful information about common questions, by helping her prep for labor and birth, and to remind her that she has choices.

Lastly my prenatal yoga students asked me to become one so I could be their doula.

What makes this prenatal yoga teacher training unique for yoga instructors and doulas?

This training offers tried and true esoteric and practical learning for yoga teachers and doulas who want to empower their prenatal students and/or prenatal clients.

  • Pre/post natal Ayurveda Assistance
  • Hatha, Vinyasa and Restorative Asana for Prenatal, Labor/Birth, Postnatal and Mom/Baby.
  • Energetics, Mindfulness and Creative Imagination.
  • Pelvic Floor, Kegel and Squatting Information.
  • Physiological and Anatomical and Spiritual Changes through 4 trimesters.
  • Prenatal Yoga Teaching Methodology
  • Natural Mystic Products DIY for pre/post natal students and clients. (Including essential oils) •Each Trainee who commits to the full 85 RPYT receives a personal consultation to help integrate and create.

How does in-depth study guide these professionals in different ways?

One Love Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training is well rounded and full of information which allows each professional coming from their background/area of study to infuse and integrate more information to enhance their scope.

Everything from seeds of great information or facts, an idea or feeling that is confirmed, or a modality or tool that can be used after the trainings are offered. Becoming a well rounded and informative advocate for Pre/Post Natal women and then going on to create well informed helpful workshops, advanced prenatal yoga classes, and abundant private sessions are all options after this training is complete.

The training is suitable for qualified yoga teachers, women’s health professionals, Doulas, yoga teacher trainees, and practicing/seasoned yoga students who want to empower their pregnancy.

How can yoga help moms with prenatal and post-natal support?

One Love Prenatal Yoga classes hold Sacred Space, offer non-judgement, are empowering, are empathic, offer helpful information, offer connection moments, create community and lasting friendships.

Is it necessary to have experienced birth to teach prenatal yoga?

Great question! No, but to have a passion for understanding the momma-to-be and offering empathy and support for her experience really helps one be a prenatal yoga teacher.

Why teach One Love Prenatal Yoga? 

Prenatal Yoga is specialized yoga for any women who wants to have a baby, is already pregnant, and is looking to find some relief of mind, body, and spirit or is looking to connect with her baby and other mommas-to-be.

Typically prenatal yoga classes are held weekly or as a special series. Prenatal yoga guides expecting moms to build strength, relive aches and pains, and prepares a momma to birth her baby.

But there is so much more to a “One Love Prenatal Yoga” class. Helping to build confidence, create community, and offer connection by the learned practice of teaching how to hold a safe and sacred place for momma-to-be to share her experiences, express her concerns, vent her worries, and to even ask questions that have been on her mind and that might not have been covered by her health care provider.

One Love Prenatal Yoga Teachers offer appropriate and soothing pranayama, effective mindful meditation, and pure relaxation. We truly empower momma-to-be by offering challenging yet safe and supportive yoga classes. Each class has lots of props, personalized modifications, and sequencing along with specific alignment and cues. With an abundance of knowledge and understanding of prenatal anatomy, physiological changes and hormonal/emotional shifts that occur during pregnancy; prenatal students feel calm, complete, and understood in Prenatal Yoga classes. We, as “One Love Prenatal Yoga” Teachers, create community as mommas bond, grow, and experience their journey together to motherhood and beyond.

Is this specialized style of oh so special, supportive, and empowering yoga calling to you to teach?

Suitable for qualified yoga teachers, women’s health professionals, doulas, yoga teacher trainees and practicing/seasoned yoga students who want to empower their birth. This unique training is fully loaded with spiritual and esoteric wisdom, scientific and medical information, Ayurveda and Essence – a true jewel. Truly a well-rounded Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training.